I’m studying for my Film class and need an explanation.

Choose one:

Thompson and Bordwell describe “the montage filmmakers” with an emphasis on films by Sergei Eisenstein. Dziga Vertov and his editor Elisaveta Slilova also used a montage method at about the same tjme. But their approach was different. Compare the approach to montage in Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin and Dziga Vetov’s Man With a Movie Camera. How is the approach to montage similar, how is it different? Draw on both the textbook and 5.1 lecture and PPT for your answer. Do not use the sequences analyzed in the textbook. Refer to both the textbook and the lecture.

Lecture/PPT 5.2 and Thompson and Bordwell describe the emergence and explain the importance of films for African American audiences in the US during the 1920s. Tell us how either Within Our Gates (1920) or Body and Soul (1926), both directed by Oscar Michaeux, engage with both the film climate and the broader politics and culture of the US in the 1920s. Refer to both the textbook and lecture.