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Part 1

Discussion Prompt 1

Why do people use drugs? Why is it difficult to treat drug abuse? How effective is treatment? What role might a psychologist take in a drug treatment program? Be sure to include examples from the reading.

Discussion Prompt 2

Every Monday morning, a friend would bring Lauren her favorite latte and a doughnut from a coffee shop by her house. And every Monday morning, her stomach would growl right before her friend rang the doorbell and handed her the weekly treat. She noticed a month later that her stomach growled each time the doorbell rang in the morning even if it was not Monday.

Given what you have learned about learning processes, which type of learning has Lauren experienced? What do you think is the best way to get her to “unlearn” her behavior? What implications does this understanding of the learning process have on our ability to make changes in our lifestyle? Support your reasoning with information from the text and other course materials.

Reading Matrerials:





Part 2

Sleep Disorder Paper

For this assignment, do some preliminary research into sleep disorders. Select one sleep disorder that you find interesting and address the following points in your paper:

Incorporate a minimum of two scholarly sources in your writing. Include evidence from recent studies (published within the past five years).

Use APA format to style your paper and cite and reference your two sources.

Your paper should be 2-4 pages long, not including the title page and a reference page.