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Your Clinical Practice Project required you to become a change agent. You selected a problem that was professionally or personally important to you, researched the problem, and developed a plan of action that included strategies for success, stakeholders and resources by linking a QSEN competency. Now it is time to put it all together. You may use the information from your weeks 1-3 templates – but do not just copy and paste – synthesize all of your information.

For this assignment you will write a minimum of a 4-5 page paper (no more than 5 pages, not including the title page, abstract, or reference page) connecting all of your links. Your paper should be in strict APA format including citations and references, and an abstract is required for this paper. You may use first person, but limited use.

Your paper should include:

  1. An abstract.
  2. An introduction.
  3. The frame of your problem. Remember to include your framing information!
  4. Supportive organization.
  5. A second solution to your problem (see explanation below).
  6. An implementation and evaluation plan for your second solution including a discussion related to your stakeholders and resources.
  7. An overall evaluation of your CPP.
  8. Preceptor (mentor) experience.
  9. A conclusion.

The Second Solution:

The paper includes a discussion of a hypothetical second solution, implementation, and evaluation. (numbers 5 and 6 above). A good nurse always has a back-up plan – or what are your next steps now that you implemented your CPP. This is where your second solution comes into play. Also, are there stakeholders or resources that might be available if there were a different solution? Is there a short term solution and a long term solution? Do you need to adjust your plan due to time or money constraints?


This assessment is aligned with the the course objectives.