Help me study for my History class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

In an essay of 1200 or more words (4-5 pages) consider one of the following essay prompts.Include a Works Cited page for all sources.There is a file with works cited for readings in d2l.If you cannot find an entry for a class resource, let me know and I can help with that.

Option 1:

Using at least three course articles, write an argument explaining why it is important and vital for us to investigate the history, cultural movements, literature, and artistic and political endeavors of African Americans.How does this study expand and improve our understandings of American history and culture? Secondarily, at what educational level should this integration begin (primary, secondary, post-secondary)?Explain why.

If relevant, you may include readings from History of Africa.

Option 2:

Consider how African history (as the beginning point for African American History) could be integrated into secondary (high school) education.From what we have read in History of Africa thus far, what events, peoples, and themes would you consider appropriate for high school American History courses?If you would like, you can also include other sections of the History of Africa that we have not read yet.

Why these choices?How will these choices elaborate the roots of African American History and therefore expand high school students’ understandings of the foundations of American History?

If relevant, you may also include ideas from our individual articles in Africana Studies.

Option 3

Apply the articles we have read to our contemporary lives. In the United States, we are in a time period of increased protest expression, renewed political agitation from all quarters (progressive and regressive), and a clash between visions of who is and is not an American as well as a clash between competing visions of our future.We are also experiencing social regression via laws intended to allow discrimination against various groups, in employment, services, and housing.

How do the articles we have read apply to our current world?How might they help us navigate this socio-political moment and help us come out the better for it?

If relevant, you may include readings from History of Africa.

Due date:Monday, Sept. 16, on d2l by midnight

Remember you have the Think Tank to help with essay writing, as well as several writing files under our Content section.

Remember the Standard Organization of Formal/Academic Papers:

Name, Date, Assignment:left justified at the very top of the first page

Page Numbers:last name and page number, top right corner (open the header)

Provide a Title:at the top of the first page, one line above the introduction.

Introduction:with a thesis statement that announces your topic and sets out the points

you will support with your Illustrations and Explanations.

Body Paragraphs (4 to 6 at least):Each with a Topic Sentence that links back to the

the Thesis Statement.

Conclusion: The purpose of a conclusion is to remind the readers of your main idea.Do not just restate your thesis.Remind readers of the significance of this song.

Works Cited Page: include citations for your sources