Can you help me understand this Marketing question?

Go to the company’s website, annual report (if a publicly traded company), other publicly available material to learn about the company. The assignment will be easier if you choose a website that contains enough information to allow you to gain enough insight to complete the assignment. Look at information such as external communication to its customers, internal communication to its employees (hiring site if they have one), and the customer the company is trying to attract. Also, look at the following if they have them; mission, vision, credo and other information that helps to develop the brand image. Cite the different parts of the website you referred to as part of this process.

Develop 6 -12 brand identity elements you feel represent the values the company wishes to portray.From these choose 3 core identity elements as the result of your research on the company. Provide support for why you choose the brand identity, core identity elements and brand essence. Next create the brand essence. State why you choose this as the brand essence. The excerpt from David Aaker’s book below and our class discussion will help in your understanding of identity elements.

Make sure you follow the format for citing in the text and in the references as outlined in the syllabus.

Minimum Headings

Brand Identity Elements

Core Identity Elements

Brand Essence