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For your Assignment, you will design a hypothetical study using a withdrawal design for the target behavior and intervention you chose in Unit 5. A Tip Sheet for the Unit 9 Assignment is located in Course Documents and will provide guidance in developing your Assignment. In your write up, be sure to include the following (see the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for more specific details about what to include in each section):

Be sure to use proper APA style throughout, with a minimum of 10-15 pages total.

UNIT 5 information needed:

The hypothetical situation is the testing for a vaccine. A malaria vaccine has been developed to help address the prevalence of malaria in developing nations. The A-B-A-B study design may be used to determine whether or not the vaccine is likely to be effective in addressing the problem in the region. The vaccine could be introduced to the selected population and its impacts tested. It would be withdrawn to determine the possible effects and then finally reintroduced if it is found to be effective or impactful.