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PHIL 103 Final Exam

Normative ethical frameworks that prescribe what one ought to do fall into three major categories. Each of these frameworks represents a worldview:

Part One (30 points): Defining and Analyzing the Worldviews of Ethical Frameworks or Theories

(30 points) Using the worldviews of each of these three frameworks and philosophical language and categories, respond to the following:

  1. What sorts of factors does each of the three frameworks or theories consider relevant in choosing how to act?
  2. How does each framework or theory define what it means to behave ethically?
  3. Explain the decision-making model provided by each framework or theory. On what basis does one decide what to do?

Part Two (40 points): Applying the worldviews of Ethical Frameworks or Theories

Apply each of the three Ethical Frameworks or Theories to the issues/questions raised in the following example. Be sure to indicate how the worldview of each theory shapes a response to the issues/questions raised. Here is the example:

Several years ago, on the basis of what it called “actionable intelligence,” the United States entered the territory of a sovereign nation and ally [Pakistan] on a mission that ended with the shooting death of Osama bin Laden. Long the nation’s Most Wanted “terrorist,” bin Laden had, apparently, been living quietly in a compound less than a mile from the Pakistani equivalent of West Point for five or six years. Was this an ethically-defensible thing to do? Use appropriate philosophical language and clear logical reasoning.

Part Three (30 points): Placing My Core Beliefs (my personal worldview) within the worldviews of Ethical Frameworks or Theories

Name and describe the key elements that make up your own core beliefs and provide the framework for your moral positions on issues. Now that you have completed a course in Ethics, place your personal core beliefs within the worldviews of the three Ethical Frameworks or Theories you have studied this semester. Where are the specificplaces at which your core beliefs resonate withspecific aspects of the worldviews of these frameworks/theories?

There are no length requirements, but your response should be long enough to fully address the questions posed and should be short enough that irrelevancies are avoided. A good length is probably 6-12 paragraphs which consist of 4 or 5 well-crafted sentences each.

Your responses should be in your own words. Your responses should be informed by what we have covered in this course, and thus no citations are necessary. If you cut and paste from any source you will receive a zero.

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation problems will affect the clarity of your response and will thus affect your grade.