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Micro-plastics in Tampa Bay Research and Proposed Approach

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to orient you to the marine microplastics problem globally and locally so that you understand the scope of the problem and can identify how engineering solutions play an important part in addressing the issue. Through this assignment you will:

Step 1: Background Research

#Read/watch/listen to/view the resources provided below:

1-Microplastics Overview

2-Microplastics in Tampa Bay

3-The Great Pacific Garbage Patch


# Familiarize yourself with the microplastics issue, and the 2019 study on microplastics in Tampa Bay. You should conduct additional background research as you see fit, but ensure that you use only credible sources.

Step 2: Research Global Approaches

Conduct research to find out how the microplastics issue is being addressed globally. Find answers for the following questions:

Step 3: Determine Your Preferred Project Approach

The microplastics problem is extensive, and through your research, you have heard and read about a variety of ways that it is being addressed. Which approach would you prefer to take for this project: prevention, or cleanup?

Step 4: Define the Goal or Objective

Here, you will define a preliminary goal or objective. For this assignment, your goal or objective must be clear and concise, reflect careful attention to the problem, and align with the problem approach. Define the Goal or Objective,” and specifically attend to the specific requirements of this assignment.

Step 5: Summary

Offer a summary (1-2 paragraphs) of the above information. Summarize your thoughts on the microplastics problem, and how it is being addressed globally, nationally, and locally. Connect your approach to your goal or objective, as well as to instances around the world where countries and people are taking action.

Step 6: Submission


Format your submission so that you use each heading above (“Step 1: Background Research,” […] “Step 4: Define the Goal or Objective,” etc.), with your findings included below each heading. Your findings should be well organized and clearly defined, as demonstrated below (the example below is intended to demonstrate formatting, NOT answers, wording, specific countries, etc.)