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Directions:use the text,notes,and class discussions to provide the answers to the following topics.you are to use your own wording in writing the answers;if you use information directly from the text,you must place quotation marks surrounding the quoted material,and then use the author’s last name followed by a comma,the phrase et.al.,followed by a comma,and then the page or pages the quoted material comes from(Tignor,et.al.,page 20). 1.Explain how the human traits of bipedalism and the possession of opposable thumbs distinguished hominids from other mammalia.provide information as to advantages and abilities made possible by these physical attributes. 2.Discuss how Homo habilis created stone implements,how these implements were utilized. 3.Provide details as to how,and possibly,why,art was accomplished by earlier Homo sapiens. 4.Summarize as to the factors creating,and the methods,of agriculture,particularly settled agriculture,of early Homo sapiens. NOTE:they are four questions.