I don’t know how to handle this Management question and need guidance.

About myself:

My major is accounting. In Spring, I have 14 units. My accounting 351 is on Tuesday nights from 7 to 10 pm. I have a hybrid class( Accounting 350 Com) on Wednesday from 11am to 12:15pm. My another hybrid class (management 360) is on 4 to 5:15 pm. on Wednesday. My accounting 380 is on Wednesday from 7 to 10 pm. I have an online class(religions study). for all of them I have weekly quizzes and homework. I have two daughters 18 years and 22 years old that have part time jobs and are full time student. I have to take care of them, clean house, make food and do shopping. Suppose my husband is on vacation during a week. I have two cars. I am unemployed. I aske one of my close friends to do these jobs for me. please write an imaginary plan for me based of the following instruction and answer these two question in 500 words:

You are going away for one full week. During this time, someone is going to take over your entire life:

Select a specific person who will be taking over your life for one week. You may select any week during Spring 3019 semester to go away.

  1. Create a comprehensive Training Plan for your selected person. This plan will ensure that all your responsibilities are completed to your expectations. Customize your training plan to the specific person you have selected to take over your life. Be certain to utilize concepts from the text to create your plan.

2. What did you learn about training and employee development from this experience?