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Hey guys, I really need help with this discussion post assignment for business law. Please help.

Law is everywhere and is pervasive in how it interacts in our personal and business lives. Are we better or worse off as a society for having such a close interaction with the law in our daily lives both on a personal level and business level or would we be better off if with a different system? You may be surprised when you think about how law and jurisprudence intersects with our daily lives whether using the internet, driving our cars or buying groceries.

It is your turn to express your opinion on our legal system and its impact on the economy, business, society and our lives. Your grade is not quantitative (how much you write) but qualitative (but how well you state your opinion). It’s your turn to speak up .

For example: Some business people say it’s difficult to start, build or maintain a business due to government regulations and compliance requirements. Others say it protects consumers, employees, shareholders, etc by maintaining a legal reporting standard that provides important regulatory information. Either way there are costs involved and legal consequences for failure to comply.

You may look at the issue from a cost-benefit, employer-employee, business development or any other aspect of business that you believe is or is not impacted by our legal system. Please keep this discussion going in your group especially as we progress through the course and explore different areas of law. Throughout the semester you will be asked to read various articles dealing different issues of law that we study and “add your two cents” to the discussion board.