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In at least 200-300 words, talk about your usual citing habits from previous papers/classes. Consider whether you usually use direct quotes, summaries, paraphrases, or other methods and discuss why you use what you use. If you have used paraphrases, look at the Checklist on page 67 and answer the questions. If you don’t use paraphrases, consider looking at the Checklist and discussing why, perhaps based on the questions asked, you do not like to paraphrase. There is no need to answer all of the questions. A Checklist for a Paraphrase (67) Do I have a good reason for offering a paraphrase rather than a summary? Is the paraphrase entirely in my own words – a word-by-word translation – rather than a patchwork of the source’s words and my own, with some of my own rearrangement of phrases and clauses? Do I not only cite the source but also explicitly say that the entire passage is a paraphrase?