I’m trying to learn for my Statistics class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

1- Open the sheet Mc Donald: Waiting Times are very important factor in Drive-Thru ordering system. McDonald has collected the data of 362 costumers in drive-thru ordering line you can find the data set in attached file below.

a) Construct a frequency distribution, and relative frequency for number of sandwiches was ordered by costumers.

b) What is the probability of getting order with more than 4 sandwiches?

c) Construct a histogram for Customer Waiting Time. Discuss the shape of distribution, is it symmetric or not?

d) Calculate the mean and standard deviation for customer waiting time.

e) If we suppose a Normal distribution for waiting time, what is the chance that customer wait more than 200 seconds in McDonald drive thru?

2- Open the sheet “Airplanes” then use appropriate diagram for discovering the relationship between passenger capacity and fuel consumption. Explain the result.

3- Open the “Gasoline Prices” worksheet and then use appropriate tool for representing the price trend over the time.

4- At a recent meeting, the manager of a national call center for a major Internet bank made the statement that the average past-due amount for customers who have been called previously about their bills is now no longer than $20. Other bank managers at the meeting suggested that this statement may be in error and it needs to be tested. The file called Bank Call Center attached below, contains data for a random sample of 67 customers from the call center population. What should be conducted based on the sample data? Test using α = 0.10.

*Take into the consideration the below:

-Write the analysis on numerical and graphical output. The reports should be supported by enough informative comments. The format of the report is Docs or PDF.

– APA Style

-1000 words

– 2 Online references