I’m studying and need help with a C Programming question to help me learn.

In c++

Render four objects in four viewports of a single display window. (An example is provided at the end.)

The four objects are described below.

  1. Design a stipple pattern and use it to stipple a triangle with the vertices (-8, -6), (8, -6), and (0, 8).
    • You must design your own pattern.
    • You need render the triangle twice, with different colors.
  1. Draw the polar curve


  1. Draw a clock with a round face, 12 ticks and 3 hands.
    • The face is a round disk filled with a color different from the background.
    • The ticks are in a different color.
    • The hands point to the time 3:45.
  1. Shade the region between the curves of


over the interval [-4, 4].

Each of the above four objects is rendered in a viewport that is a quarter of the entire display window. Order does not matter. Your result should be similar to the following example.