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Note: My Professor said to select any clubs and i selected gym club. on these clubs we need to make website in through out course. Now whats professor is saying to create a login page with background picture anything called gym. below is my question. I sent you an background pic use it as background picture for log in page.

For this lab, you will select one of the following clubs as your guide throughout this course: Gym club, book club, math club, budget club, sport club, art club, food club, game club, health club, and any other club that is approved by your instructor.

Watch the video below:

How to Create a Login Page in PHP

Create a website login page using PHP/HTML for your selected club. Your login web page should include a Username input field and a Password input field.

Be careful to include only appropriate web design standard. Use color, fonts, and background that will exemplifier your login page. Zip all parts of your club login page and upload.



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