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  1. Once you have viewed the clip, assume the main job at Initech is a data analyst – review the links provided for job description information for a data analyst.
    1. http://www.snagajob.com/job-descriptions/data-analyst/
    2. http://resources.workable.com/data-analyst-job-description

Your task: Based on your observations from the video clips and job descriptions, conduct an actual HRD-focused needs assessment for Initech – include your findings for all three levels of needs assessment: organizational, task, and person. As you conduct your assessment, keep in mind the multiple variables in this dynamic: management, employees, process, the environment, culture, etc.

There is a difference in writing about a needs assessment and how to conduct one, and in actually conducting a needs assessment. Through this week’s materials you have already learned how (various methods) to conduct a needs assessment, now you will conduct one. This assignment is meant to be hands-on to help you practice actually completing the needs assessment for your final project and in a real work environment.

This assignment is meant to allow practice for each type of needs assessment, but is also meant to be do-able within the boundaries of an assignment – this completed assignment should be no more than 2.5 pages single spaced.



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