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The culminating requirement in ED 504 is the final iteration of your Signature Project Stage 1. The Signature Project Stage 1 is your research proposal. It is designed to guide candidates through the steps for planning an experimental or quasi-experimental study to examine an in-depth school improvement project focused on improving teaching and learning. The project involves an opportunity for candidates to apply the knowledge, skills, and behaviors they gain from their respective programs.

To complete the Signature Project Stage 1, candidates extract information from their Major Assignments 1, 2, and 3 to create the Signature Project Stage 1 which includes Chapters 1, 2, and 3, References, and Appendices. The Signature Project Stage 1 should include the following:

Cover Page


Chapter 1: Research Problem


Statement of the Research Problem (include hypothesis)

Data Graphic and Discussion

Impact on Student Achievement

Research Methodology

Summary (of chapter 1)

Chapter 2: Literature Review


Sub-headings (according to the organization of your study)

Synthesis of Literature Review

Chapter 3: Methodology




Sample Technique (with justification)

Role of Participants and Impact on Participants (with explanation)

Plan for Protection of Human Subjects


Timeline (with sequence of steps and timeline for data collection)

Constitutive and Operation Definitions

Description of Data (data needed)

Reliability and Validity of Instrument

Collaborative Resources

Leverage Plan



Appendix A: Consent Form

Appendix B: Permission to Study

Appendix C: Copy of the instrument or survey if one is used.

General Guidelines