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please write a response each one 150 words. for those two writings. you should say I agree and why to this two writings.


Emma Davis

When I think of social media, my first thought often leads me to think about all the negatives associated with it. The distraction of scrolling through Instagram, or the feeling of being inadequate when a picture appears of someone my age, traveling the world in their private jet. This is why I thought the article about teens using TikTok as a platform to cope with many of their struggles was so interesting. Mental health is something that is so stigmatized and many parents ignore the topic completely and do not offer their children the means to talk about how they are feeling. Often times teenagers feel alone, they may not have anyone to talk to and they think that there is something wrong with them, but the fact that there is now a medium that they could use to view others with the same problems could change their lives. Imagine being able to watch someone that you look up to admitting that they are facing or faced something similar to you and got through it! This shows that even though social media has its flaws, there are really some amazing benefits. Teens being given the opportunity to find communities of people that relate to them, give advice and show support could save lives.


Zahran Khalaf Surur Al Bahri

Dopamine Fasting

The one of the four articles in this module that interested me the most is “Dopamine fasting” trend and what science says about it. The 2nd article “Gen Z & Tik-Tok” discussed how the teens have now started this app to talk about relationships, mental health and sexuality on a serious note. Before this, Tik-Tok was mostly used for silly and funny videos. The 3rd article “Tik-Tok Confessions” discussed how Tik-Tok is a new source of genre of music and a lot of videos from new creators have emerged and where star sings an autotuned, autotuned, extremely personal tale told to camera. The article showed the examples of many profiles who are doing this. The 4th article was a YouTube video titled “I Had 30 Days to Become an Instagram Influencer” and it tried to teach to attain Instagram followers that can lead to fame, wealth, and an escape from the 9-5 normie office job.

The “Dopamine Fasting” article interested me the most because of the brilliance of this concept. I did not know much about dopamine fasting before reading this article. The concept about Dopamine is that it is a neurotransmitter in our brain, and it gets released when we see something for motivation, reward or pleasure. The article discussed that our continuous dopamine releasing is making us selfish and materialistic. SO, the dopamine fasting is a concept that asks us to isolate and live in nature without access to technological stuff like smartphone. Now, this article discussed that it is becoming a trend, specifically in Silicon Valley’s where technological stuff exists. The article discussed in detail the concept of dopamine fasting and guided the viewers the true essence and ways of doing it. The article also discussed the pain points and scientific facts About it, also.



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