I don’t know how to handle this Management question and need guidance.

question 1: ( please use bullet points, and write one or tow sentences for each bullet point)

Give three practical measures that individuals can take to prevent cognitive biases from clouding your own judgment or those of other practitioners.

( you can use the attached picture)


Short essay question 2 : ( in short paragraph , almost 80 words)

It is important for evidence based manager to develop their capacity to ask questions in socially effective Ways .

First , explain why the above statement is true .

Second, give me an example of a socially effective question and then an example of a question that is more likely to socially ineffective. Explain why you believe the questions you provide are more and less socially effective.


you can use this book for answers

Evidence-Based Management

How to Use Evidence to Make Better Organizational Decisions

Eric BarendsDenise M. Rousseau