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3 – 5 pages(the minimum is 3 full pages)

Write a clearly focused, well-supported, and well-organized paper on the following topic:

Compare two authors’ views on the same subject, and determine which author employs stronger argumentation.Find an article written by another author that either supports or conflicts with the opinion(s) of the author from the article you wrote about in the first essay.If, for instance, your topic is embryonic stem cell research and the author of the article you read for our first assignment supported stem cell research, you will find another article (by a different author) that does not support stem cell research. Or, you may want to find an article (again by a different author) that supports the first article’s author, but that provides a different argument for expressing his or her opinion.

You will use direct quotes and paraphrases to draw your conclusions.All borrowed material must be properly cited in MLA format and have an accurate Works Cited page.The purpose of this assignment is NOT to argue your opinion about your topic.Instead, you will be focusing on the argumentation that the two authors’ employ and you will be pointing out specific places where the two authors agree OR disagree.Your thesis statement should reflect the way the two authors argue their points, and you should craft a strong, opinionated response about which author provides the “better” argument and why.

Mandatory Requirements

Minimum Requirements



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