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Based on your reading and study of chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4, prepare a Word document that is typed, double-spaced, and grammatically correct in Times New Roman with Font size set at 12 point with margins of 1 inch. Be sure to follow APA (6th ed.) format, including: appropriate cover page header, title, author(s) and course information. References cited must be in APA format. Must included in text citation and reference page

Respond to the following (5) questions:

1) Discuss several areas in which HR can affect organizational culture positively or negatively.

2) Why is it important for HR management to transform from being primarily administrative and operational to a more strategic contributor?

3) How can an organization maintain its image while dealing with a talent surplus? If layoffs are necessary, what would you recommend managers do to ensure that survivors remain committed and productive?

4) Discuss some of the protected characteristics covered by equal employment opportunity laws and why they are important in today’s employment setting.

5) You have recently assumed the role of Human Resource Manager in your company. In reviewing the company records, you note that the job descriptions were last updated five years ago. The company’s President has taken the position that there is no need to update the job descriptions. However, you also note that the company has grown by 50 percent during the past five years, resulting in many changes, including some in job functions. You want to build a business case to convince the President of the need to update the job descriptions. To help you build your case, use the information on the purpose of job descriptions at www.hrtools.com.

A. How can job descriptions be used as a management tool?

B. What role do job descriptions have in helping companies comply with various

legal issues?