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Students can use the guidelines that you used to create your personal project to provide points/comments in your review. I hope that in the peer review process each student can see things they would do to improve their own answers as well as maybe see things they’d want to avoid saying in the future. The peer review should be thorough, but I’m not concerned with following a specific rubric. Please complete the peer reviews in the Comments section of the student’s project you were assigned in Canvas. Please assess a grade out of 30 points.

the file and link are from two of students, and you need to comment on each person for at least half a page.

Here’s what they discussed

(((1) introduce yourself, 2) tell us your major and why you selected it, and/or what you want to be when you graduate (elevator speech). You will 3) share 2 adjectives that describe you and 4) provide examples of how you exemplify each. Then, 5) identify 2 strengths (not the same as the adjectives that describe you), and 6) tell us how each of those strengths bring value to the business. Then, 7) identify 2 of your professional weaknesses and 8) share explanations as to how you plan to overcome each of them. Then:8) As related to Module 1, review the 4 Ethical Rules. As a manager, which of the 4 would your managerial behavior most exemplify? Explain why.9) As related to Module 2, select 1 of the following to answer: A) Review the Factors Affecting the Usefulness of Information and explain as a manager why you need each of the 4 from all of your employees, or B) Explain the value in acting as a devil’s advocate when analyzing a SWOT analysis and how it will better impact the organization (give an example).10) As related to Module 3, select 1 of the following to answer: A) What would your employees say about you as a manager (give examples) who positively exhibits the expectancy theory, or B) Among McClelland’s Needs theories, which do you most exemplify and why?11) Lastly, tell us what your management style is and how it will add value to an organization.))))




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