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Hospitality Strategy Design and Execution Seminar – Outcomes Assessment

Formulate ethical strategies to mitigate operational challenges within the hospitality industry with a focus on Environmental Sustainability and Ethical Decision making.

1. For this assignment you will select a hospitality company from the Fortune 500 list.This is necessary because these are publicly traded companies and will provide the necessary information to complete the assignment. Keep in mind this case study is based on Environmental Sustainability and Ethical decision making.A review of the first section of the company’s annual report is a good place to start.

2.Company Background Summary:A brief synopsis of who the company is and what they do. When making a summary of your own, you’ll want to keep it short and sweet; the summary is only meant to introduce the company and what they do, it’s not meant to be comprehensive.Include their vision, mission, and core values.

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3.Company Background Analysis:For this section you’ll want to analyze their history, development, and growth.You will also want to identify who their main competitors are and strategic priorities the company is facing now.

(2-3 Pages)

4.Environmental Initiatives:Using information contained in the reporting for the company selected and information the company provides, discuss the organization’s environmental sustainability initiatives and the progress the company is making against those initiatives.

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5.Financial Analysis: Use the Excel spreadsheet that is provided and complete a financial analysis of your company.

6.SWOT Analysis:Use the HBR guidelines when developing your SWOT analysis.Keep in mind your focus is on environmental sustainability and ethical decision making.

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7.Recommendations:The final step in building your case study is to formulate recommendations. This is the part where you reflect on what you’ve discovered during the process of analyzing your company and synthesize meaningful recommendations to them. You may suggest that your company continues investing in one of their strengths, or note of an opportunity that is present. You may also wish to recommend that your company shores up one of its weaknesses to potentially eliminate a looming threat. When formulating your recommendations, you’ll want to cite the information you discovered during your case study.

(2-3 Pages)

7.Final Thoughts:Describe any actual or potential ethical failures with each of the alternative strategies and how these may be mitigated.

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Formatting:Follow MLA guidelines for formatting, in-text citations and works cited. Submission must be in the order stated above.Use the section title to introduce each section.



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