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This media project is designed to reflect your skills in assessing the communications landscape on a cross-cultural level. This exploration will be the next step of an overall strategy that takes into account proper communication for all audiences, including those with cultural differences.

In this assignment, use the following scenario:

Your company, which makes wine, has just received a multimillion-dollar contract to market its product to the people in the Republic of Georgia. Compose a multimedia presentation of 6 to 8 slides about your wine products. This presentation should demonstrate cross-cultural competency so that your product can be as successful in this foreign country as it is in the United States.

For your presentation, you may use PowerPoint or alternate presentation software. See the articles in this module’s optional resources for guidance on different types of presentation software and how to create a multimedia presentation.



Textbook: Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World, Chapter 4
Being able to communicate to your neighbor is one thing, but being able to communicate effectively across the miles or through a cultural barrier takes real skill and expertise. In this chapter, we learn why it is so critical to be able to communicate with people who have a different life views than we do.

Article: Breaking Through the Language Barrier in a Globalized Workplace
This article discusses the importance of being able to interact across cultural and other boundaries and create successful communications strategies.

Article: 27 Presentation Software and PowerPoint Alternatives for 2015 (Optional)
This article contains ideas for many different PowerPoint alternatives for you to use. Some are free and others are for purchase, but many for-purchase programs have a free trial period.

Article: 14 PowerPoint Presentation Tips to Make your PPT Designs More Effective [+Templates] (Optional)
This article provides tips that will help you avoid common mistakes when creating a PowerPoint (or other multimedia) presentation.