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The midterm project is a paper of three or more full pages, word count at least 1000. which thoughtfully and critically analyzes the context and content of an outside text in relation to a critical aspect, controversy, or “crime” of art which we have discussed in class.

An outside text can be a literary, visual, or audio text. It can be a novel, book of poems, comic book, art book, film, television show, artistic performance or a sculpture, painting, or other fine art. The text could also be a song, music video, or music album. This list is not exhaustive. An outside text is not a text which we have previously discussed in class.

Midterm Project Specifications:

What a Satisfactory Project Will Do:

What an Above Satisfactory Paper Will Do:

In addition to all of the above, an above satisfactory paper will not only successfully analyze how the primary text relates to one or more ideas, themes, or topics from our class, but will also go beyond this to complicate, challenge, or reassess our understanding of that topic or theme.

Example: The Sphere, a bronze globe statue symbolizing world peace through world trade is one of only two art pieces that remained after the Twin Towers were destroyed on September 11, 2001. The German artist Fitz Koenig had originally meant for the statue to symbolize world peace and unity, but after that horrendous day it quickly became something so much more. It became the common symbol of hope, resolve, endurance, and beauty for the people of New York. My paper will evaluate the acceptance and idealization of The Sphere, a sculpture that questions concerning the roles of beauty and death in western art.



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