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Mini Case: Capstone Case: New Century Wellness Group

New Century Wellness Group offers a holistic approach to healthcare with an emphasis on preventive medicine as well as traditional medical care. In your role as an IT consultant, you will help New Century develop a new information system.


You began the systems analysis phase by conducting interviews, reviewing existing reports, and observing office operations. (Your instructor may provide you with a sample set of interview summaries.)

The New Century medical team performs services and medical procedures, which are coded according to the American Medical Association’s Current Procedure Terminology (CPT). CPT codes consist of five numeric digits and a two-digit suffix, and most insurance payers require the codes to be included with billing information.

The new system must be able to handle the new ICD-10 procedure coding system, which will be required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) beginning October 1, 2014. ICD-10 codes consist of seven alphanumeric characters, which can be electronically transmitted and received. New Century’s information system must interface with 25 California health insurance providers. The new system represents an opportunity for significant cost saving for New Century, and more convenience for patients, who will be able to go online to update medical information, schedule appointments, and request medical records.

During your fact-finding, you learned that the clinic requires various reports, as follows:

In addition to these reports, the office staff would like automated e-mail and text messaging capability for sending reminders to patients when it is time to schedule an appointment. Data also needs to be maintained on employers who participate in employee wellness programs. This information can be used for marketing purposes throughout the year. Finally, the new system needs to track employee schedules, attendance, vacation time, and paid time off.

Now you are ready to organize the facts and prepare a system requirements document that represents a logical model of the proposed system. Your tools will include DFDs, a data dictionary, and process descriptions.


  1. (30 pts) Prepare a context diagram for New Century’s information system. (Follow the textbook standards for diagram. Please see Fig 5-12)
  2. (45 pts) Prepare a diagram 0 DFD for New Century (See Fig 5-13). Be sure to show numbered processes for handling appointment processing, payment and insurance processing, report processing, and records maintenance. Also, prepare lower-level DFDs for two numbered process. (Follow the textbook standards for diagram. Please see Fig 5-14)
  3. (25 pts) Prepare a list of data stores and data flows needed for the system. Under each data store, list the data elements required. (Please read section 5.6 carefully not to miss any items. Please note that you don’t need to use any special software to create this list)


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