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For the current assignment the Word document should be 4 pages (double-spaced and not counting title and reference pages).The document have to be in APA format and all references must be appropriately cited per APA guidelines.It should contain the following information (where the information expected is Information that you feel is relevant to starting a business in that country and which would ultimately be useful in developing and implementing a strategic plan):

Note:Refer to the PowerPoint slide I have attached in the Wiki for this course.This shows a great framework to analyze and illustrate “country attractiveness”.This is from your book and is contained in the PowerPoint file attached to Chapter 3 in Blackboard (Week 1).

Please prepare this paper as if you were going to make a formal presentation to the CEO of the company you work for or to a venture capitalist.Therefore, you need to be sure the information you put in the paper is concise, clear, to-the-point and with no grammar errors or misspellings.Do not simply list facts.You are expected to analyze what these facts mean, the risks they represent and their relevance in starting a business in the selected country.



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