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Case Study

Everyone is familiar with companies such as Apple, Snapchat, Facebook, and Google and recognize the innovations these brands have made in shaping how consumers create, share, and consume content. However, in all parts of the world, other companies and innovators are also creating meaningful innovations in media, technology, and communication, but perhaps are lesser known.

We’d like to hear from you about a company, brand, or individual that you believe is making an impact by bringing together content and technology in ways that are important. Describe what the company is doing and how it is using technology and content to position itself as a leader to better serve its audience and customers or community. How is it innovating and making a difference? How is the company giving itself a competitive advantage within its market segment or, if you’ve chosen a non-profit, how are they creating impact within the community? Limited to 1000 words.

The company I have chosen is ByteDance.

(and this company developed the app Tik Tok which is a trending video-sharing platform. It has a Chinese version and a western version. ) I want you to mainly focus on this new trending social media platform and answering questions above.