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please add notes and here is the Case study:

In order to fully meet the above requirements of the grading rubric,:

  1. 7-10 slides.
  2. Remember, you want to show Target you understand their culture and management structure.
  3. Presenter clearly identifies who they are: their name and their position.
  4. Presenter clearly knows who their audience is: are they presenting to their employees in their same company or to someone else?
  5. Presenter clearly states what the problem is…restate from the Target case study.
  6. Presenter compares and contrasts sales performance at the two different retail store chains for which data is available.
  7. Presenter proposes a detailed solution to all aspects of the problem; The best presentation will offer multiple ideas to address the problem based on learning in this course through the entire term.
  8. Presenter must show how the proposed solutions will benefit three different groups of people: (1) the sales managers that work for him/her, (2) the retail store chain that sells the product, and (3) the end-user customer.
  9. Presenter anticipates objections and addresses them: what objection is each group of stake-holders likely to have with the proposed solution(s) and what does the presenter offer to overcome those objections?
  10. Presenter finishes with a strong call to action: it needs to be perfectly clear who needs to be doing what and by when. It needs to end with a sense of urgency. Do the proposed solutions offer any incentives to any of the groups of stakeholders?


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