Need help with my Geography question – I’m studying for my class.

What is your position – is our world completely flat, or are we (as Ghemawat says) still occupying a world with defined borders?

—How do physical and cultural barriers enforce the world borders? Provide examples of at least one physical barrier and one cultural barrier.
How does a limited background in understanding geography slow/prevent globalization? Use examples of physical aspects, such as weather, climate, landscape, and cultural aspects, such as language, religion, politics, economic systems etc.

See the talk here.

Keep in mind that each of these written responses to the TED talks we watch is worth 50 points. I’m looking for 300-500 words, or enough of two paragraphs or three to let me know that you’ve sufficiently thought about the question(s) that are being asked. Whenever you cite others’ data and ideas, you need to acknowledge their source.