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READ & FOLLOW DIRECTIONS: Short Fiction Formal Essay Instructions (click to open, read, download)

All information regarding your choice of essay prompts, expectations, length, format, etc. are in the essay handout linked above. Also carefully read the online rubric in advance, which explains in detail the characteristics of an “A” paper and how the essays will be evaluated.

Below, are links to the required text and to the support materials you will need to consult to complete the essay successfully.

The prompt I have chosen: WITH THESIS AND EXPLANATION


The purpose of this paper is to how the author used the domination of male characters to describe fragmented masculinity, the significance of the absent father figure and the objection towards feminine behaviors.


The prompt I chose is how “Drown” explores gender roles and their consequences in multiple ways and from multiple perspectives.

The thesis I chose is arguable since fragmented masculinity is how male misinterpreted their roles as head of the family and women as the neck. What wants the readers to understand as a result of reading this paper is that masculinity is a societal expectation. A woman should respect a man no matter how disrespectful men seem to be to women. The way a man can cheat his woman and the society view it as being a man enough but if a woman cheats she considered a prostitute.