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Annotated bibliographies are due SUNDAY by midnight.

1. Your annotated bibliography should include 4 to 6 academic references.

2. The format does not matter (e.g. APA, MLA, etc.), as long as all key elements are included (such as authors’ name, title, name of article/title of book, year of publication, page numbers,

3. For each reference, make sure to write about 2 to 4 sentences explaining how this source will be useful for your research paper.

4. If you are changing your research topic, send me an updated abstract along with your references. You can also send me an updated abstract if you want to check in with me about the way you are making your research paper more specific, and/or if you want to check in with me about how you are highlighting more clearly the political aspects of your research topic.

5. I will give feedback to all bibliographies and updated abstracts online on Canvas – no need to print and bring me a hard copy.

6. Make sure to use academic references.

An academic reference is an academic journal article, a chapter of an academic book, a data bank from a reputable organization, etc.

An academic reference is NOT a newspaper or online journalism article, a blog or other online discussion piece, an entry from wikipedia, etc.

To search for academic references, use an academic search engine like Google Scholar ( instead of a regular online search on Google. Use quotation marks (e.g., “political ecology”) to get more specific results. Prioritize more recent publications (e.g. since the 2000s, rather than from the 1980s…), publications with more citations, and publications from more well established sources (a real academic journal, rather than a working paper from a think tank). Seek support from the librarians if you don’t have experience researching academic references in the social sciences, or come to office hours.

Remember your abstract, the first assignment for the research paper, is due this Friday (Jan 24). Please submit the abstract on Canvas AND also bring me a hard copy of your abstract (with your name printed on the sheet as well) during class this Friday.

I am adding this more explicit explanation about the abstract to the assignment on Canvas. You should come up with a research topic and tentative argument related to global political ecology.

If you need more detailed instructions, this is a guideline that can help you.

Write about one full paragraph (about 5 to 8 sentences) explaining the following:

(1) what is your topic?

(2) what more specific issue within that topic you are concerned about?

(3) what are the main ways this problem is understood, or what are the main solutions usually provided for this topic, or what is an important question, contradiction, or paradox about this topic?

(4) what is the argument you think you may make about this specific issue?

Remember that you can pick any topic you would like, as long as you can show how it is related to global environmental issues.

Remember that you should try to develop a political ecology framework to define, understand, examine, analyze, evaluate, and/or propose ways to address the environmental issue you selected.

Feedback of my abstract :This can be a good issue, but the topic here is still too broad. I suggest focusing more specifically on a concrete form of carbon emissions (e.g. air transportation, use of synthetic fertilizers, etc.) so that you can actually make an in-depth discussion of the problem. Also, try to think more carefully about the politics involved, beyond simply stating that the government needs to be involved. Why do governments do what they do, or don’t do what they don’t do? Whose interests do they respond to? How can these interests and behaviors change? Again, if you focus on a more specific form of emissions, you will be able to answer these questions much more clearly.