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Written Assignment 3: Proposal for Assessment Project

Assessment Project Proposal:

The Assessment Project is designed to provide you with the opportunity to use student data to inform your instruction. For the Assessment Project in this course you will be asked to create a pre and post test, analyze the pre test results, create 2-3 lesson plans that focus on the identified deficiencies, and implement and analyze the post test. You may structure this assessment project based on your planned curriculum, or you may decide to focus on a deficiency you believe exists–based on data. Although it is early in the semester, you are being asked to write a brief proposal for your Assessment Project. This should include:

Assignment Guidelines:

This 3-4 page written assignment/reflection should include a title page and references (which don’t count as part of the total page expectations). Your paper should be double spaced, 12 point font, and in APA format.