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Research Proposal

Bibliography Guidelines:

1. Your bibliography needs to include at least eight sources.

2. These sources should include two sets of primary sources. Examples include—but are not limited to—an edited volume of documents, a newspaper title, a book-length primary source like an autobiography, memoirs, or a published diary.

3. Your bibliography should include at least three scholarly monographs (books).

4. Your bibliography should include at least two scholarly articles.

5. Your bibliography should include only instructor-approved websites. Please note, your instructor does not approve of most websites, and especially considers Wikipedia as an unprofessional resource for academic research.

6. Your bibliography should not include textbooks, encyclopedia articles, or broad works of history.

7. You should include a brief annotation (2-3 sentences) describing your sources.

8. You should use the Chicago style (i.e., the Rampollaguidelines) for your bibliographic citations.

Research Proposal Narrative:

You should also include a brief narrative (or abstract) describing the general subject you will research and identifying some possible analytical questions about your topic. If you know something about the historiography of the subject, you can identify the major lines of interpretation. You may also present a working thesis, though it may very well change as you get into more depth with your research. The narrative should be from 250 to 300 words in length.

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