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Case Study 1: BofA Trustweb Project (50 points)

Due February 5, 2020



Merger Integration at Bank of America: The TrustWeb Project

, Gary P. Pisano and

Bradley R. Staats, Harvard Business Publishing (9-610-054).

Key elements:

Managing stakeholders

Establishing scope and project requirements

General project management and leadership skills


1. This project followed a merger between Bank of America and US Trust. Who are

the primary stakeholders of the project? What are their interests? Why is this

project important to Bank of America?

2. What is your assessment of the project at the time of the case? What problems

has the project team encountered? Could the project manager have done

anything to prevent these problems from occurring?

3. What is your forecast for the success of the TrustWeb project? What could be

done to improve its chances for success at the time of the case?