I need support with this Powerpoint question so I can learn better.

This is a ppt. on a anti-bullying program for a school. I have included the instructions, rubric, and project proposal that have been completed.

Please follow the attached instructions and rubric.

For purposes of EDUC 696, a research-based project will be developed based on information you obtain from various sources and applied to the project. This type of assignment may be new for you since you may be more familiar with a research paper and/or a research project. Unlike a research paper/project, you will not only search through resources such as books, magazines, and journals, but you will also apply the information you collect into the development of a project. The key component to the research-based project is application.


example: If your topic were Substitute Folders, you would conduct research to find related information such as needs of substitutes, tips for planning for substitutes, etc. After collecting and reviewing relevant information, you would create a substitute folder that incorporated the findings based on your researc