I’m trying to study for my Economics course and I need some help to understand this question.

This is a statistic analysis paper. I already did the data parts. Only need to use my datas and write 1200 words count paper for this assignment.

I did “FOOD” and “AIR”. And the detailed assignment questions are post.

This is the writing instructions:

The following rules apply to your assignments:

The following guidelines apply to both assignments you submit for this course.

1. Reports should be created as Word documents using a minimum font size of 11 and line spacing of 1.5 or 2.0. You need to include an assignment cover sheet as the first page of your document. You can download this from the assignment section on the ELE page. Your reports will need to be submitted electronically through the Exeter Learning Environment (ELE). Please do not include your name or student ID number anywhere in the document.

2. The deadline for submission of all your written work is 13th January 2020, which is the Monday following the exam week. This is the final deadline; assessed work will not be accepted after this date. You would be very well advised to complete your assignments well in advance of it – say, your first assignment at the end of November, and the second assignment before you leave for the Christmas break. Then you will be free to concentrate all your efforts on preparing for the examination.

3. Your report should include a short preamble describing the nature of the investigation (enough to show that you understand what’s going on), a description of your methods and results, and a short conclusion summarising your findings. Use at least of 1200 words, excluding appendices with the estimation output (see next item). However, please note that just to hand in computer outputs is not sufficient and will receive a failing mark. There must be explanation, interpretation and commentary in your own words. Significant marks are awarded for the quality of your written presentation.

4. Estimation results can be cut-and-pasted directly from your saved TSM outputs, as described in the ‘Tips’ section in Exercise 1. However, be selective! Only report results that are going to be commented on in the text of your report. Applying a bold-face font to the parts of the output that you want to draw attention to is a good idea. However, trying to ‘pad’ the report by including irrelevant results will lose marks. Don’t list the data, and don’t include plots unless they are to be referred to somewhere in the text.

5. Last, but not least: your reports must be your own work, and in your own words.



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