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Complete a SWOT analysis to help you determine more information about where your additional strengths and weaknesses lie.

Read this brief video transcript of a SWOT analysis to help you get started, and review the Personal SWOT Analysis article to view examples of a personal SWOT.

Assignment should include the completed SWOT analysis template, listing at least four bullet points, using complete sentences for each component. In addition, this assignment should include a one-paragraph (150–200 words) reflection on what was most interesting to you in filling out the SWOT analysis.

Each bullet point is related to a leadership role, whether current or future.

Ensure all five components below are included in your assignment:

  1. Strengths: How do your personality strengths benefit you in a leadership role?
  2. Weaknesses: What potential weaknesses in your personality or temperament, character, approach to conflict, and/or attitude may impact a leadership role?
  3. Opportunities: What opportunities could you take advantage of, based on your strengths that you provided in the above section of this template?
  4. Threats: What external or unexpected threats may impact your leadership, including how you could use your strengths that would guard against these threats?
  5. Reflection: Write what you found most interesting about writing your SWOT analysis assignment.



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