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Address the Talking Points described below in 400 words of less.

  1. Your Reactions: Share your reactions to this week’s readings and videos.
  2. Topical Questions: Choose 1 of the following questions to address:
    • Question 1: Discuss a Key Idea from this week’s list that you find engaging. Share your reactions and thoughts on that concept/term, and what you consider its implications for understanding Asian migration to and settlement in the U.S. Settlement here refers to topics such as labor, community making, and family formation. You can discuss a specific Asian ethnic group (ex: Filipino, Asian Indian) or Asians as a group collectively.
    • Question 2: This week’s readings/videos focus on a global and diasporic approach to narrate the story of Asian migration. They also emphasize systems of racial oppression and economic control to frame the circumstances of Asian immigrant labor, and families and communities in the U.S. Discuss how these perspectives on early Asian American history (1800s-1930s) challenge your thinking.
  3. Further Thinking: Pose at least 2 questions that this week’s readings and videos raise for you.




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