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this is questions:

Topic: Caribbean Bauxite

1. Is Baker making an internal or external attribution when interpreting Rennals behaviors2. Do either Baker and/or Rennals appear to be committing any perceptual errors? Explicitly refer to the type of error(s) in your response. Give case examples to support your views. 3. Given what you know about performance assessments and appraisal mechanisms, indicate what Baker did well/poorly in this session. Note the extent to which Baker used feedback effectively. 4. What should the company do (Baker? Hutchins? Others?) in light of the outcome? What are the ethical implications of each recommendation? (Note: Make sure you discuss the pro’s/con’s associated with each recommendation strategy..)

this is requirements

Case notes/questions: Throughout the semester we will be discussing a variety of cases. It is imperative that all students read and be prepared to discuss each case when it is due. Accordingly, case notes will be collected on the day the case is discussed in class. For each case, answer the questions that appear at the end of the syllabus. Responses should be typed and should be approximately 2 or 3 pages. These assignments are designed to help you keep up with the reading and to allow you to practice applying the concepts. Case notes/questions are graded as ‘credit’ or ‘no credit’ and are allocated points when ‘credit’ is received (5 points each). Late cases are not accepted, and cannot be emailed in the event of absence (students must be present to receive credit for case notes). Please note that the video cases we do in class cannot be used for these assignments.