I’m stuck on a Health & Medical question and need an explanation.

part 1


Something every HIS individual must be concerned about is storage and maintenance of sensitive health data. Module 4 introduces you to these concepts through your discussions, readings, and assignment. You will watch a video this week on the transport of health information (a prescription in this case) through a facility, and will discuss strengths and weaknesses of this system. We will consider a natural disaster on our health information system this week as well.

Before completing this discussion view the following video: Video Link

What are strengths and weakness of the scenario provided by the video? What changes, if any, would be suggested? Include any references you may use to outside material.

part 2


Consider your readings from this week, make a post analyzing the role of Risk management and the Ethics Committee in end of life choices. In your post, discuss the role that they play, and the information that they should provide to the patient and family.