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The purpose of this module is to introduce the beginning student to key ideas related to nursing research and to begin the exploration of assessing the evidence in order to discover the best approach/interventions for both care processes and outcomes. Students will begin examining their own clinical practice for potential improvements based on analysis of the “evidence”, such as research studies. Students begin addressing clinical issues by developing a topic for a PICO question.

Course objectives with special relevance to module ONE:

Course Objectives

Program Outcome

1. Examine the history of nursing research and its impact on the health care delivery system within society.


2. Examine the relationship of the nursing process, research process and scientific



3. Discuss the definition and implication of concepts related to nursing research.


5. Explore the application of nursing research as a tool for the improvement,

validation, and refinement of nursing practice.


6. Examine the current status of nursing research and its implications in meeting the future health care needs of individuals, families, and communities in a

multicultural society.


7. Analyze the role of the nurse in the research process.


9. Identify how a re searchable clinical question (PICO) is developed.


10. Discuss some strategies that assure that evidence is being found from the best possible sources


12. Identify ethical principles that are important to evidence-based practice


Note that many of the course objectives will be addressed in more detail as the course progresses.

Module Objectives:


The assignment is to Share your thoughts on the interrelationship of research and evidence based practice

Thinking about your nursing practice, do you see areas that could benefit from a research study? What might be a research question?

Does your organize engage in evidence based practice (EBP)? How are changes in practice accomplished? What are the barriers to implementing EBP?

This must be written in an APA style and format. I currently work in ER setting so I was trying to think of a topic related in that area. Whats your ideas and thoughts?