I’m studying for my English class and need an explanation.

can you help me to answer and reference to Under the Feet of Jesus on chapter 4 and 5

Reflect on the title, Under the Feet of Jesus. Besides identifying the location of the children’s citizenship papers, how is this title appropriate to the novel?

also can you make a Respond reflection on this question

What might the breaking of the statue of Jesus signify? 3. What does the scene in the barn with Estrella signify? What will be her future?

The breaking of the statue of Jesus represents Estrella’s loss of faith in religion and aware that the persecution of immigrant workers by society. At first, they called it a “cathedral” in the barn with awe, but eventually, Estrella climbed to the barn. This scene meant that she broke through the shackles of her heart and got rid of superstition’s oppression. She believes that she can only get a better life by virtue of her own abilities instead of relying on religion. I think her future is full of misery because Estrella is a poor immigrant worker in the bottom society, but in the end, she will succeed because she is a girl who brave、 Decisive and never gives up.