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There has been much discussion related to emotions, triggers and conflict. You are asked to provide an explanation as to why this connection is so prevalent and difficult to manage. You are NOT being asked to provide suggestions as to how we can manage emotions and triggers during conflict. You can choose to organize your ideas, in no more than three pages and no less than two pages, 12 font and double spaced. You can use one of two ways suggested:

NOTE: Regardless of the style that you choose you must cite any sources that you use to support your position. The following link will offer guidance as to how to properly do this.


The following are questions that you may want to consider but they are suggestions only. The goal of this assignment is to consider the challenges that emotions and triggers present and the effect they have on the ability of people to manage conflict in their lives.This paper should provide insight and research to explain these challenges.Your answer should include but is not limited to:

What are emotions? What are triggers?

Are emotions more difficult to manage in conflict than other interactions? Why or why not?

How can triggers escalate or initiate conflict?

When we look at our innate emotions- we know that anger and fear are escalated in conflict-what is it that we are so angry about? So afraid of?

Is this response learned? (nurture) Is it biological? (nature)