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Your instructor has returned your Week 4 Individual Project Key Assignment with comments and suggestions to improve your overall draft. Additionally, you have had the opportunity to discuss and coordinate your Key Assignment with your peers.

Below, you are provided a notional setting or scenario for your project. The setting or scenario should assist the group in framing your perspective and shaping your finished product. Your group goal is a recommendation to the local government director of homeland security that addresses the risk analysis and resource allocation of your Individual Project element from Phase 4 into a cohesive risk analysis and resource allocation information and decision support paper combining all team member input. The desired end state is to prioritize Critical Infrastructure (CI) by risk and accordingly allocate available resources (federal or state) to implement protection-related activities. Your role within the group is to provide input and recommendations on those specific sectors that you addressed within your Phase 4 Individual Project deliverable, to coordinate with the members of your group to develop the concepts and written elements of the paper, and cooperatively develop the common paragraphs of the paper.

Assignment Guidelines

Revise and amend your Week 4 Key Assignment by adding what you learned in the Discussion Board assignments following the task, and take into consideration your instructor’s comments.

The assignment expands upon the concepts developed during Phase 4 and expands the scope of the Phase 4 Individual Project to include all of the CI sectors (16 total). This is a formal information and decision support paper that you are developing for the director of Homeland Security of your chosen municipal community. The director’s intent is to share this risk analysis and resource allocation paper with the major department heads of the city, the city manager or administrator, the mayor, and the city council. The director’s goal is to enhance awareness of CI protection and resiliency issues and to improve overall CI security, planning, mitigation, response, recovery, and resiliency. The director also plans to use this assessment as a means and justification for additional funding of CI projects.

Use the following sectors:

The importance of conducting a complete risk analysis and including your combined matrices within this paper cannot be overstressed. You must provide a descriptive justification for why each element has been assigned a certain value within the context of your group paper.