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Art 12 Design and color, project two, LIFE IS RAEWLY BLACK AND WHITE, WHAT IS AMERICA?: YOU AND A WORD, Value, scale, and Monochrome

Materials: This is an Acrylic paint on Bristol Board, you can give me Digital Form. And you need have three sketches. You can either use procreate, photoshop or scan your hand drawing to me.


1) To use key element and principles of design in conjunction with the Subtractive System primary color to move the viewer through 2D space,

2) To examine and then critique the meaning of America in all its forms: cultural, political, social as well as economical and then to pair a self-portrait and a word of wisdom

3) To demonstrate the connections between images and cultural values.


1- You will take a photo of yourself – a self-portrait. Next you will use one word to provoke a response from your viewer in relation to the title of this project. I uploaded some pics of myself, you can be creative, as long as people can organize me.

2- For your painting surface, you will be using one sheet of Bristol board, sized at 11″x 14″, Your image will be 9″ x 12″ with a one inch border.

3. For color application, you will be using one of the secondaries (orange, green or purple) or tertiaries from the subtractive color system (YO, YG, RO, RV, BG or B). You will be using a monochromatic color scheme with a minimum of ten values) No solid black or white may be used. Finally, your word will be placed over your self-portrait but placement is your decision. The font style, size, and opacity/transparency are also your decisions.

if you got confused with the color and size, please ask me to explain more,