Help me study for my English class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Once on the site read through to the bottom and continue on. I think the links connect you to 2 more pages if you click next topic. According to the author, what are the ‘essential features’ of culture? Read over the brief definitions of culture. What is your definition? Think about the following questions –

When does a culture begin to influence the learning process? At birth? Before birth? Discuss whether a culture has more influence on a child’s learning process through the influence of his or her parents or peers.

Also check out this youtube video – there is music in the background of this video that you can listen to or not. Please make sure to pay attention to the written definitions of culture on the screen and from whom they are quoted. You may want to use these in your posts as well.

No plagiarism. 2 to 3 paragraphs response.

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What is Culture?



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