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Week 4 | Discussion

“Delivering Bad News”

Select ONE of the following:

  1. Consider the methods discussed in Chapter 7: Delivering Bad News Messages in BCOM9 (pages 116-136). Armed with this knowledge, make a recommendation for which method (inductive or deductive) is the best way to deliver bad news. Defend your answer.
  2. Locate a bad-news message somewhere on the internet and share a link here. Discuss which method (inductive or deductive) it most closely resembles and explain why the author chose to deliver the bad news. What change(s) would you make if you were required to deliver the same message to someone else?

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Willett Burch

RE: Week 4 | Discussion

Hello class, Professor. My selection is number two hey bad news message.

Bad news message: KILLED IN HELICOPTER :Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash in California according to reports.

this message was “deductive” because the news was preceded the details.

If I were required to deliver this message to someone, I would use the inductive approach. Bad news should be delivered cautiously, and with careful wording. Bad news given to someone could have serious repercussions if not delivered properly.
Link: Fox 5 DC