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sathish – The digital divide is a social challenge, allowing people to start public services from the Internet or other ICT channels. This work will explore the concept of digital disruption in Jordan, focusing on digital gender disruption (GDD) in particular in U.S. The database will use language and content analysis in order to find the most prevalent issues affecting women in Jordan, as well as explore the factors influencing digital representation and technology adoption in relation to gender change. We will use data from the World Values Survey to track social progress across the country, creating a comparative and contextual dataset. For each country in the database, we will find a single social concern-related issue, such as pollution or electricity costs-and measure the number of women affected in comparison to the number of men. (Chan, J. 2018)

The term “digital divide” refers to the gap in computers and Internet use in the United States. America has a “digital divide” with the highest levels of digital literacy among adults living in areas with the highest Internet adoption. Americans with higher levels of Internet use are more likely to have full-time jobs than those with low levels of Internet use. Poor families are less likely to have Internet access than those with higher incomes. Women are less likely to have Internet access at home. Rural residents, renters, and low-income households are least likely to have Internet access at home. Only 37 percent of households with annual incomes of less than $40,000 have Internet access at home compared with 69 percent of households with incomes greater than $80,000. (Blank, G. 2017)

rakesh – he digital divide is a factor that deals with communication and the information exchange between the people including the accessibility. This aspect can be defined as a distribution of the services towards the people by considering the geographical region they belong to on the basis of technical feasibility (Bombongan, 2012). The division had basically determined by considering the two factors as the accessibility to the information and availability of the information. This rule is being developed on the basis of providing assistance to the people in terms of technology and systems including the internet accessibility features. The implementation of digital dived distribution is mainly focused on the three areas which are referred to as kind of division.

The enterprises and the developed nations are one of the areas where the process was focused and implemented. This is referred to as the distribution based on the global division. This approach is also used in socially divided nations in terms of economic groups as states. This process based on this approach is defined as the social division. The democratic divisionally is mainly based on the users and their usage purpose towards internet technology (Sarker & et al, 2019). The digital divide is implemented in the United States where it is leading to the inequality factor here needs to be prohibited where it divides the society into different groups. The redirection of federal distribution is one of the factors which will assist in preventing this factor from the United States.

The implementation of an accountability structure that is fair will assist in handling this information and communication infrastructure over the United States. Th implementation of accountability towards this process by providing a legislative action towards will helps with handling the division issues (Soysal & et al, 2019). This ideas will work in other countries because where the lack of action regarding this aspect is only the primary concern leading to the consequences. So, by using these ideas the countries which had higher digital divide as Europe countries when compared to the United States.

jaykumar – Monitoring workers increases the security within an association by policing all parts of the security policy. The workers sign the AUP (acceptable use policy) which incorporates wording on how organization computers, email, and web action ought to be utilized. These workers ought to take after these policies yet a considerable lot of them don’t. Monitoring these workers takes into consideration the employer to stop these activities and keep infections and mulware from conceivable affecting the network.

I feel when a workers is utilizing organization property and on organization time, there ought not be a farthest point on extent to which an organization has the right to monitor client actions and traffic. Employees ought to be working on organization business at work and that is all. In the event that an organization feels that a workers is accomplishing an option that is other than work, they should be monitored without a stop for a period of time to guarantee they are not manhandling company time or property. The security of the network is critical to me as a workers of a credit union on the grounds that we are responsible for the majority of our member’s personal information and the notoriety of the business. A breach of security will create lost credibility inside our membership and make us lose these valuable members. Associations can utilize automated controls to help moderate the potential issues associated with monitoring activities and traffic. Things like retention of password , firewalls, and a few other automated frameworks enable an organization to naturally help with implementation of these issues. There is never going to be a full proof automated framework so manually monitoring employees will dependably a piece of the mitigation procedure.

Monitoring employee exercises expands security in light of the fact that employees are less inclined to abuse a security policy on the off chance that they know their activities are being monitored. In this manner, diminishing the measure of internal security breaches. Be that as it may, workers should likewise be aware of privacy issues and understand what laws give them the privilege to monitor workers to a degree. The Electronic Communication Privacy Act (ECPA) gives employers the privilege to monitor employees in the consistent course of the day. Be that as it may, there are sure measures that need to meet before employers can start to monitor. To start with the workers must know they are being monitored and that exclusive organization business might be directed on organization computers have them sign a company policy shape recognizing they will be monitored.

I concur that it is important to monitor workers and make them accountable for their activities on the off chance that they are not following the policies. I additionally concur with your statement, “First the workers must know they are being monitored and that exclusive organization business might be directed on organization computers (have them sign a company policy shape recognizing they will be monitored)”. They should know at first and sign documentation that states they understand the policy and what is anticipated from them with respect to that policy. Workers spend a lot of their time at work performing individual exercises as opposed to performing their activity function. I see it consistently at my activity. I would proxy be able to into any PC whenever inside my organization. More often than not the workers has something open their shouldn’t take a gander at like personal email, sites, or social media like Facebook or Twitter. I feel that workers should be monitored and made responsible for their activities when they are mishandling the time company .

vishal – The given reserch paper the author has mentioned the implementation of physical security in the organization will really going to help and improve the day to day routine of the organization.

The main components of the physical security will be like the different sets of equipment’s as well as the processes which needs to be implemented in case of security measures for the incidents,diffent access control system and monitoring the system such as maintaing the security audits in the organization,audits,inspections,provide the different facility management in the organization.

Another important aspect of the physical security is it will provide the different sets of the function like safety and secuirity,access control mechanism, video surveillance mechanism which is helpful for all the organization to maintain the security process which helps to protect the organizations from different harmful activities. Many big organizations have implemented the new security mechanism where they used to manage the personnel access to the physical resources like the building, office and the different types of asset movement.

One of the best ways providing the security and control in many modern companies as well as in business are the computer networks, information system, telecommunication system. The telecommunication protocol like BACnet which is used for automating the system and control them for air conditioning the system is useful in organizing and managing the business.

Along with this the organization can use the different sets of networks protocalls for managing the flow of network packets which are mainly used for transferring the files from one network to another, along with that we want transfer the data from one system to another we can use the inter or intra network which will manage the secured data for the organization. a communication integration interface will manage the security data with information technology data of an entity deploying the system and it will manage the overall data of the organization