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Wright essay about the following:

Imagine that you have been assigned as an attorney to the most sensational murder trial of the 1700s. Argue either for or against the guilt/innocence of either Victor or his creature in the deaths of William, Justine, Henry, and Elizabeth. You are either a defense attorney proving innocence or a prosecuting attorney trying to prove guilt. You must include information from the novel that shows both the MOTIVE (possible factors that could have driven the accused to commit murder) and the INTENT (expected outcome the accused wanted the deaths to achieve) of the accused killer, as well as EVIDENCE (objects, documents, forensics, witness statements, etc.). This essay should be 2-3 pages long. Use quotes from the novel and label them with their chapter number in parentheses. For example, “I am by birth a Genevese” (ch. 1). Begin your paper as if it is a speech directed to the honorable magistrate (judge) in the trial.



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